Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Basic black

I have to say, it is SO great to have "professional" pics again! Certainly no disrespect to Leslie and her amazing iPhone photoshoot abilities, because without her taking time from her day I wouldn't have any outfit photos period. So I definitely appreciate her! But you can just tell such a difference when you look at these photos my brother took with his ridiculously professional camera versus the ones we usually take with a phone.

I mean, this was a complete impromptu photoshoot and I think these look so amazing. I am super grateful to my bro for taking the time this past Sunday to snap a few pics of me. Granted, we were trying to kill some time around his house before we had to go to our grandmother's, but still. He could've been just chillin on the couch instead, so I'm glad he "took one for the team" so to speak.

Anyhow, it was super fun getting to actually not only spend time with my brother but also spend time while taking the pics and being able to review them as we were shooting. Plus, now you know what I look like on any given Sunday...just in my basic black dress after church that morning. Oh and I realize that this ensemble is nowhere near boho, but I couldn't resist a couple of good hippity dippity flower field shots when the backdrop was literally right there in Josh's backyard.

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Dress, GAP outlet ($24.99)
2. Guess pumps, DSW ($29.99)
3. BCBGirls Bag, Zoe's ($30.00)
4. Sunglasses, Dollar Tree ($1.00)
5. Circle ring, Brooklyn Flea ($5.00)
6. Square ring, Brooklyn Flea ($5.00)
7. Necklace, The Clotheshorse ($10.50)

Total: Under $125.00

Photos: Josh Lewis

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The Rag Trade said...

Great look dear :) That dress looks perfect on you! I love your choice of jewelry too, nice pieces!

Jennifer said...

Very pretty!

xo Jennifer


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

SO in love with your dress! <3 The shape is seriously gorgeous! I love how you've styled it with such a statement necklace too. Truly beautiful!

Lost in the Haze