Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My top 18 running songs

As a pretty committed runner (5x a week, at least 5 miles each day) I've had plenty of time and logged plenty of miles to know what my favorite running songs are.

Sure, I don't always listen to music since I have my trusty running partners, but there are definitely some days where a solo run is necessary. And I definitely couldn't survive those without my ipod. (Well, I could, but it's just not as enjoyable for me.) Plus, we always manage to throw in at least one awful hill and maybe even a good short sprint, so a power song is definitely in order for those occassions.

So in case you're looking for some new running tunes, I figured I'd share my top 18 songs. It sounds like a random number, but it should be enough to get you through an hour's worth of a run. And trust me, there is no particular order to these. I can't place one song higher than another because there are so many different genres and tempos. Basically this list gives you a nice mix of getting-your-butt-up-the-hill songs and also just zoning-out-on-a-flat-stretch-of-road-or-trail songs.

Enjoy the run!

1. Bad Romance, Lady Gaga (purchase mp3 here)
2. A-punk, Vampire Weekend (purchase mp3 here)
3. Womanizer, Britney Spears (purchase mp3 here)
4. Browntown, Raining Jane (purchase mp3 here)
5. Home, LCD Soundsystem (purchase mp3 here)
6. 4 minutes, Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland (purchase mp3 here)
7. Cluck Cluck Old Hen, Alison Krauss & Union Station (purchase mp3 here)
8. With Love, Hilary Duff (purchase mp3 here)
9. Four Night Rider, The Rural Alberta Advantage (purchase mp3 here)
10. Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap (purchase mp3 here)
11. Feel So Close (Nero Remix), Calvin Harris (purchase mp3 here)
12. The Dethbridge in Lethbridge, The Rural Alberta Advantage (purchase mp3 here)
13. Soul Singing, Black Crowes (purchase mp3 here)
14. The Lion, the Beast, the Beat, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (purchase mp3 here)
15. It Won’t Be Long, Evan Rachel Wood (purchase mp3 here)
16. When I Grow Up, Pussycat Dolls (purchase mp3 here)
17. Ride, Cary Brothers (purchase mp3 here)
18. Ragged Wood, Fleet Foxes (purchase mp3 here)

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