Monday, May 6, 2013

Life lately

The best of life lately seems to have included a good bit of family time. I drove up to my parents house last Tuesday and then caught a ride with them to see my nephew Cade play tee ball. It was my first time to watch him play.

I think the cutest thing was watching him in warm ups. He was more focused that I thought he would be....however that changed once he was on the field :) He was a pretty good batter though and was all about running the bases and coming across home plate. I guess that would be my second fav memory that night—watching him do a silly victory dance when he scored. He's a goofball. Which means he's soooo related to me.

My niece Callie wouldn't have too much to do with me this night. She was busy either playing in the dirt or climbing the fence. Yeah, we might have a tomboy on our hands! I did manage to get this adorable pic of her wearing my hat though. And yes, I know she looks cuter in it than I do..I'm ok with that!

More family time was spent this past Saturday at Cade's 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I am still in shock that he is five years old (today, officially!). The cliche is true, time flies. I feel like I might blink and he'll be driving. I once asked him what I was going to do when he got to be so big that I couldn't pick him up anymore. His response? "Uh, I guess I'll just have to pick you up instead." I couldn't have asked for a better answer.

Otherwise, time has been spent with friend activities—a dinner at Rojo one Friday night with Joy where we had one of our famous whirlwind conversations, seeing the Red Mountain Theater performance of The Wedding Singer with Torry, Nicole, Dana and Heather, (btw, if you're in Bham, go see it! it's hilarious) and celebrating several friends' birthdays with dinners and cookouts. Throw in a good catch up veg sesh at Cassidy's new place for the ladies of the Bham Fram and it's pretty a busy, but good two weeks.

Oh and I should mention that I worked my last track meet of the season last weekend. Woohoo! Hello free Saturdays.

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