Thursday, May 9, 2013

My latest obsession {in food}: Chobani Bite

So something I think I don't talk about much is my LOVE of food. I honestly just love to eat. Though I really don't know too many people that don' you? (Or at least maybe I just surround myself with people who have the same interests?!)

Anyhow, since I do love to eat so much, I typically find myself going on "kicks" where I become obsessed with a certain product from the grocery store or maybe a meal that I have found is easy to make and somewhat healthy (for me anyhow!) so I eat it repetitively.

And of course I figure that if I love it, then everyone else will too and I should share this info with the world. Ok, that's a little bit of sarcasm, but for real, I figured it was worth exploring as a new blog post series in case I might stumble upon anything you guys haven't tried yet. So this first post features these awesome new yogurt flavors from Chobani I found at the grocery store one day.

I'm honestly not much of a yogurt eater. I try because I know it is good for me to eat, but I am very picky about the flavors that I can actually manage to swallow. However these are like dessert to me. Seriously. I mean, caramel covered pineapple chunks? Coffee with dark chocolate chips? Raspberry with dark chocolate chips? Yes, yes and yes please!

Don't get me wrong, these are not a snack that I can eat and not feel hungry an hour or so later, but they are perfect for satisfying that sweet craving you get occasionally and in a guilt-free manner since they are only 100 calories.

What about you guys? Any secret grocery store product you love that I should know about?

ps. Oh and my disclaimer: please do not let me mislead you. I will not be posting cute recipe ideas. I am so not a cook.  I mean, I'm not terrible (I think hope?) but I am just never home enough to actually cook anything. And I am somehow perfectly ok with that.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! My yogourt downfall is Liberté Coconut yogourt. It's about 9% fat and worth every freaking calorie. SO DAMN GOOD. I love it on its own, but I've also made pavlova (baked meringue) and topped it with this yogourt and a mango-passionfruit coulis and it's completely amazeballs (<--technical term). I'm not so sure about caramel pineapple, but I love the sound of the other flavours. I am also a lover of food (was a food blogger for 7 years before I decided to try out outfit blogging).