Friday, March 25, 2011

A cheapskate goes to LA: the follow up

So clearly I am mixing things up this week and thought instead of my usual "Plated" post today, I'd do a quick photo recap of my recent trip to California. My mom and I definitely had an amazing time and I am dying to go back again soon....or, ahem, maybe live there?! Oh one can dream, right?

So here's a quick photo review of the trip.

Our AH-mazing view of the city from the backyard of the place where we stayed.

The Chinese theater

Me fitting my hand perfectly into my fav leading lady's handprint, Miss Judy Garland.
I've been told I look like Hilary Swank (among other celebs, too), so I had to snap a pic of her star.

My first real great view of the Hollywood sign. We were staying up there in those hills!

Me and my mom at the WB studio VIP tour.

A "perk" of the VIP tour: getting to stand on the Central Perk set from FRIENDS. Ha, get it? Perk!

Another bonus? Me standing on Lorelai Gilmore's front porch!

Rodeo Drive is certainly not where a Cheapskate belongs! But it was fun to pretend :) 

The beautiful palm tree lined streets of Beverly Hills.

The most amazing cupcakes. Second to my friend Peaches' cupcakes, which she makes with love.

Griffith Observatory - where the end of Rebel Without a Cause was filmed.

The life changing french toast I had at The Griddle Cafe — they were stuffed with Nutella! Yum!

The ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier. What a fun place! Perfect for family fun, or dare I say a date!

The stunningly gorgeous canals of Venice Beach.

Me at the canals

Venice street sign. I bought the fantastic vintage dress from yesterday's post at a store across the street.
If you know me, you know I love Disney! And now I love their fence posts at the Disney studios, too.
Can you see The Seven Dwarfs acting as columns and holding up the top of the building?

We had a great hike Sunday afternoon at Runyon Canyon.

Finally! We spotted a celebrity — LL Cool J — at Katsuya . He was so incredibly nice to us tourists!
Just one fantastic view from the PCH that we took up the California coast to Monterey.

Another breathtaking view of God's creation via the Pacific Coast Highway to Northern CA.

It was a long drive up the coast, but totally worth it to see my old college roomie Abbe!
Here we are at the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.
Lombard Street in San Fran - "the crookedest street in the world". Can you see how crazy curvy it is?

Funny little sea lions at the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

The "Painted Ladies" in San Fran, or what I like to call the Full House houses!

Hope you enjoyed my virtual tour of California! Happy Friday everyone!


MAGDArling said...

great pics! i dream about a trip like that!:)

Buffy said...

LL Cool J is so delovely, I could cry.