Friday, March 18, 2011

Plated: An Unrefined Gentleman

Happy Friday again everybody! You know what today is...which means it's time for another edition of "Plated."

Today, I've finally got something for the fellas! Cause, you know, dudes need stationery too, right? I think it says something when a guy writes a thank you note on his own personalized stationery....I think it says he has style! And class too, for that matter.

Anyways, today my inspiration comes from Gregory at An Unrefined Gentleman. It's great to see a guy blogging with some style. You should definitely check out his site sometime!

In the meantime, below are some pics of his outfit that I like best. Mostly because it revolves around this amazing pair of mustard yellow shoes Gregory owns. I mean, I want a pair of these for myself! You can see more great pics of the outfit in his post here.

Since I love his yellow shoes so much, of course I had to make a replica of them for both pieces of stationery I created. Then on the first piece, I incorporated the burgundy color, but chose to use a plaid design. (the gray line is there only to illustrate where the front card ends. Basically, the back of this card would be blank for writing)  On the second piece of stationery, I looked at the closeup photo of the shirt, tie and jacket and decided to mimic the stripe pattern because even though it was simple, it was a beautiful classic look and also very masculine.

So what do you think? Would guys actually use these designs to write thank you notes on?

Also, if you have someone you think I should get inspiration from for my next Plated column, let me know! Leave me a comment with their blog info or shoot me an e-mail at


Cristin said...

This is amazing!

Cristin said...

Can you e-mail me at cristinlmore at gmail...I'm interested in purchasing some of these :)

MAGDArling said...

great outfit and great design dear! love the shoe details;)

Rita said...

...beyond amazzzing MS. DESIGNER! ummmm, I want that tie! So cute!

Connie said...

I love how you took his outfit and incorporated it in
his own style of stationary from it! Very creative!