Monday, March 14, 2011

Product pick: Sinful Colors nail polish

My "Sinful Colors" nail polish far.

I know I told you guys before, but I just love buying cosmetics at the pharmacy. And usually it's Walgreens where I chose to do my shopping. So one day as I was buying my lip gloss that I mentioned in this post, I saw a new line of nail polishes I had never seen before: Sinful Colors. Honestly, I didn't even notice the brand name or I probably would've laughed. But what I noticed was the deal: buy 2 get one free! And they were only $1.99 each in the first place? Done and done. I walked away with three new nail polishes that day, and you wouldn't believe the restraint it took for me not to buy more!

In fact, my friend Emily at Redesign That was about to get married and I had bought the prettiest shade of light pink that I thought would be perfect for her big day, so I went back later to buy a couple of bottles for her and left them on her door with a note. Judging by this post, I think she's a fan now! So hopefully I'll create more fans of the nail polish out of you guys.

Three reasons to make Sinful Colors part of your nail polish collections:
1. They're only $1.99 each!
2. They offer a lot of the shades that are currently trending
3. Did I mention they're only $1.99?!

Any other cheap nail polishes on trend that I should know about? Leave me a comment please!

{Photo: Amy D. at To do!}


emily said...

You're right! I do love them. Although I think you come up with better names ie chillaxin or i kissed johnny by the ferris wheel

christen said...

ha you're right Em! I do love my "just chillaxin" name that I came up with....maybe I am in the wrong biz and should be in the naming nail polish biz instead?!


{ fashion blows hard } said...

I wanna get them! Amazing colours (: