Friday, March 4, 2011

Plated: Dream Cheyser

It used to be that in the publishing biz—which is what I do for my day job—a plate was created at the publishing press and that plate was what all the copies were made from (there was one plate for each color: CMYK). I'm sure the process is still somewhat similar, only further advanced in technology. Anyway, the point is, a plate makes a copy. And since I am a fashionplate stationery designer, of course I like to look around for inspiration...for things to "plate" if you will. So here's my first "plated" post.

I mentioned here that I recently joined Lookbook. This was the best inspiration gold mine I have ever struck. There are so many beautiful outfits and combinations out there that guys and gals are putting together. But I thought instead of just gaining fashion inspiration from these talented folks, I would use their ensembles for ideas when I am designing on paper. I mean, why not turn that outfit into stationery?!

So first up at the plate is Cheyser. (yes, the plate pun was intended! ha!) The photo I saw of her that first caught my eye was this fantastic white hippie dress. I thought it was so lovely and right on cue with my own style that I just had to check out her blog and other lookbook photos. And boom, instant girl crush! What can I say, I love her free spirited style. She does it so well! So I chose this creation here to design a piece of personalized stationery for her. And I appropriately named it Dream Cheyser after her Lookbook profile. Click here for Cheyser's blog or here to see more great photos of her amazing style on Lookbook.

Outside of card.

Inside of card.

What do you think? Have I done Cheyser's style justice with this stationery piece?

psst: Cheyser and I are working together to bring you a giveaway!!!  As soon as the details and entry rules are complete, I'll be sure to post and link to her blog again, where she'll be hosting the giveaway. So stayed tuned!!!

*photos: Laura Menconi


Ashley Baker said...

I love the stationary, Cheyser's blog and that very cute coffee cup!

TheWalkingRecessionsita said...

This is beautiful Christen! I love it! So much! :)

Cait said...

ahhh i LOVE stationary :) how fabulous! xo great blog!

christen said...

thanks everyone!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, very VERY nice! Love the colors!