Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Buy this, not that: Silver shoes

So I was at Target the other night (the new "urban" one at's crazy dangerous to my bank account) and I immediately fell in love with these Mossimo Vivian Pointy Heels in silver. I had to pry them from my hands because I had already decided on another more versatile pair of ankle boots that I thought I would wear more.

However, after seeing Emmy Rossum rock these similar heels from Rupert Sanderson with a sweet light blue frock, I'm definitely thinking twice. I'm pretty sure I'll be making another Target run to purchase them in my near future. And since they're only $29.99 and the silver metallic trend has just started kicking up, I think you should get them, too!

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Jennifer said...

I always like the cheaper ones better anyway!

xo Jennifer

Rebekah Bradford said...

Very cute outfit! I like that you did it so much cheaper!