Friday, April 12, 2013

Vote for me? Please?!

Hi all! I rarely do things like this, but my friend Casey sent me a link to the StyleMint contest "Style For Your City" and I just couldn't resist. Partly because who wouldn't love to win a few credits to Style Mint? And also partly because I love my city of Birmingham and the idea of featuring an outfit that represents my hood sounded super fun.

I really wanted to put together a special outfit and do a fun shoot at The Bottletree or something, but time was not on my side. So I opted for my go to concert attire photo/outfit instead. It seems to say "Birmingham" to me anyhow.

So even though you've already seen this look once before, I would love for you to see it again here on the contest page and vote for me through Facebook. If this link takes you to the StyleMint FB page, just be sure to "like" them and then click on "contest" (the green box under their cover photo) then just click around on either "most recent" or "most popular" and see if you can find me, then vote!

It's really that easy and I would be thrilled to get a few more votes, and heck, maybe even win something!


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