Monday, April 29, 2013

Product Pick: Opalescence Whitening Gel

I've had this whitening gel in my bathroom drawers for probably a year now. I'm on my last tube that comes in the container and honestly I was pleased from the start with the results that I obtained from using it. I felt like I noticed it whitening my teeth, but not too crazy white. (there's a fine line, you know).

So when my friend Peach was like "Your teeth look amazing and white, what did you do?!" when I whitened them for Ashley's wedding and then said "Where's the blog post for that?!" in response to my answer, I decided she was right. Clearly this was a product that had earned its place on my blog.

It does its job, doesn't taste terrible, doesn't burn your gums and is also extremely affordable—assuming that you have already had impressions take of your mouth and own teeth whitening trays (which I have also had for quite sometime).

So if you're looking for a teeth whitener that does the trick, I would definitely suggest hopping on and putting Opalescence in your shopping cart!

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