Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shades of blue

Today's blog post title might seem a little misleading, considering in that my pants look a little more seafoamy green in these pics than the turquoise shade I think they are in real life. But whenever I wear this outfit (which is often) I always think I have this cool semi-monochromatic shades of blue thing going. It's funny how different things can look when you go back to them. Kind of like life, huh?

Also, how funny is it that when Leslie and I picked this spot for the shoot, we both thought it was just leaves on the ground. But then when I was choosing a shoe shot, I realized, nope those are all cigarette butts. Hot, right? Apparently this is where the entire city of Birmingham comes for a smoke break.

Oh and you'll notice in my last photo I decided to try something new and do a fun jump photo like I've seen some other bloggers do. First I'd like to give major props to Leslie who caught me mid air at least 2x with an iPhone. And I'd also like to note that I did not fall or hurt myself in the process even though I am wearing some major wedge-heeled booties. However, I did hurt my abs laughing so hard with Leslie at how ridiculous I am sure that I looked to any passerbys. Good times.

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Vintage chambray button down, thrifted ($4.99)
2. Turquoise jeggings, Necessary Clothing ($19.99)
3. Scarf, c/o David & Young
4. Bag, Designer Details in L.A. ($40.00)
5. Blue shoes, Necessary Clothing ($19.99)
6. Triangle earrings, gifted (thanks Joy!)
7. Leaf ring, gifted (thanks Em!)
8. Square ring, Brooklyn Flea ($5.00)

Total: Under $100.00

Photos: Leslie Evans

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Emma Schaeffer said...

love it! sort of like if Ariel joined 2013 street style (post legs, of course!)

-Emma from

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blog. Would you like to follow eachother on bloglovin?

<3 Sarah
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