Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chambray 5 ways

Oh the chambray shirt.  How I love its many versatile stying ways. So much so, that after a little prodding from my friend Casey, I decided there should be a blog post dedicated to it.

And actually, I should really take this time to thank my friend Emily for giving me this thrifted find. Technically she spotted the shirt first, bought it and then we went to another store and she found an oxford shirt that she liked instead, so I was able to purchase this one from her. It was one of the most glorious $5.00 spends I think I've ever had.

So yeah, back to the versatility of a chambray shirt. You can dress it up or down and wear it from summer to winter. As usual, it's all just a matter of layering, my friends. And yes, I'd even wear this in our hot southern summers...as a bathing suit cover up, of course.

Honestly, this post barely scratches the photographic evidence of how often I wear this shirt. I'll go ahead and say you'll prob see another follow up post to this one later down the road!

Oh and if you want to see the full blog posts for 4 of the 5 outfits above, you can see those here, here, here & here.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go buy a chambray shirt if you haven't already! If you need a few affordable options here's one from Old Navy ($22.50), Target ($22.99) and Forever 21 ($19.80).

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1 comment:

Casey said...

Love it, Christen! Now I officially know how to rock my chambray on vacay next week. Thanks!