Monday, April 15, 2013

Music Monday: Current Obsessions

Artist: Big Tree
Album: This New Year (listen to a sample here.
Full album is on Spotify)
Why I love it: Their songs have this great ethereal sound to them. It makes me feel like I could be floating through space. I know, I'm weird. 
Favorite song(s): This Fall and Home (here)
For fans of: Lucius, Miracles of Modern Science

Artist: Alt-J
Album: An Awesome Wave
Why I love it: It has a neat world-music-meets-alternative vibe to it.
Favorite song(s): Breezeblocks and Taro
For fans of: Yeasayer, Grizzly Bear

Why I love it: This album transplants me to a completely different decade. I feel like I am
in an underground basement club dancing the night away in the 60s. 
Favorite song(s): Minute by Minute
For fans of: St. Paul and the Broken Bones,
Charles Bradley

Artist: Wild Belle
Album: Isles
Why I love it: The whole album has this groovy, funky vibe. It just makes me want to sit back and bob my head. 
Favorite song(s): Another Girl
For fans of: Lily Allen, Adele

Artist: Olafur Arnalds
Album: Living Room Songs (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: I've never been to Paris, but I imagine this is exactly what it would sound like in my head as I walk around the city. Maybe I've seen one too many movies though. Regardless, this album is so beautiful it gives me chills. 
Favorite song(s): Near Light  Every single song on this album is amazing
For fans of: Explosions in the Sky, Helios

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