Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life lately

Believe it or not, things have actually slowed down the past couple of weeks. It's been pretty nice! Other than going to several shows which I've blogged about here and here, things have been low key and I even got to start and finish a book. Which, btw, I highly suggest Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn if you are looking for a good "whodunnit." Oh and I caught up on a lot of magazine reading which I'd fallen a couple of months behind on (yikes!).

I even somehow managed to get a Saturday off and was able to go to the florist with Ashley to help her pick out some flowers for her big day...which is coming up on Sunday! (so yeah, things are getting busy again this week!)

This past weekend included working a track meet and going home to spend time with the family for Easter. I hid eggs inside the house with my nephew for a couple of hours and then mom and I went in to "town" to look for some shoes for the wedding—no luck though. Sunday night was a birthday dinner for Amy at Chuy's and it was so so so good to have Peach back in town. I can't wait til we are all back together again this weekend!

Last night was the festival of colors and Dana had organized several of us to get together for dinner at Taj India. This was only my second time to eat Indian food and it was so good. Plus we all got to spatter the colored powder on each other in celebration of spring and as always, we enjoyed great conversations. Definitely a good time. Life is good!

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